Saturday, June 11, 2011

BLT Fish: 21 West 17th st. New York, NY

I'd been wanting to try BLT fish for a while and a super sticky summer day provided the perfect opportunity. When my date and I found out that happy hour oysters and clams were just a buck each, we were all over it.  Arriving right at the start of happy hour, it was clear that we weren't the only ones who knew about this deal and the bar filled up very quickly.
Not pictured is the awesome mojito I ordered. I drink very rarely, but love a mojito on a hot day and it went oh-so-well with the seafood we shared. Filled with tons of freshly muddled mint and lime, it totally hit the spot. Deeeeeelcious and so refreshing without totally knocking me on my ass. Okay, maybe it knocked me on my ass a little bit.
On to the food! We ordered an assortment raw shellfish and apps.
The blue point oysters, top neck and little necks arrived quickly on a bed of shaved ice. The two sauces, one cocktail and the other a wine/shallots/vinaigrette mixed really well together and were the perfect topping on the fresh shellfish. They were all so fresh and succulent that we polished them off and ordered more. At $1 per, how could we not?!?!
The peel & eat shrimp arrived and were surprised to see they weren't the typical boiled or steamed ones that are commonly described that way. These had a strong rosemary flavor and were either broiled or grilled which added a lovely smokiness to them. Cooked perfectly, they didn't need any sauce at all but were even better with a squeeze of lemon over the top.
We also ordered the stuffed jalapenos and WOW. They were so awesome. A light batter coating added to the triple layers of texture. The jalapenos themselves were still slightly crunchy and stuffed with a gooey melty cheese,       they were pretty much perfection. Add a spicy aioli dipping sauce and voila, couldn't be better.
Our bill came to around $60 total, and considering the amount of excellent food and drink we'd just enjoyed, I thought that was incredibly reasonable. I will definitely be back.

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  1. You should definitely go back and try one of the whole fish options - they cook it in a salt/spice crust so the fish stays juicy and all the flavors of the crust soak into the fish!

    They also serve cotton candy with dessert!