Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cafe Blossom 466 Columbus Ave New York, NY

eh. Since I am not actually a vegan I probably didn't like this place as much as I might have. If , for instance, I would never eat a real bacon cheeseburger, than yes, their fake-n soy cheese (not) burger was pretty good but alas, compared to the meat alternative it left a bit to be desired. It came with some mushy mildly flavored sweet potato fries- that we asked for 'well-done' but were still pretty squishy. That said, the oyster mushroom app was pretty great- but then again, what isn't great when it's deep fried in cornmeal? The prices are kind of ridic considering the ingredients they use. I mean- yes, I know organic is pricey, but $6 for fresh juice? C'mon now.

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