Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lenny's: 1481 2nd Avenue, New York NY (multiple locations)

Well, I usually try not to eat fried garbage, but I was REALLY craving a chicken cutlet sandwich today thanks to someone who mentioned Rocky's deli to me. (Rocky's is a deli in the town that I grew up in- pretty much the best deli in the world) I stopped into Lenny's thinking that a deep-fryer is a deep-fryer no matter where you are. Oiy. Sadly mistaken. There were 3 thin slices of 'chicken' on this sandwich- but it was mostly mushy, oily breadcrumbs with some poor quality meat inside.  Ew. The pickles that came with my $8 (!!!) lunch were bendy and the ones that come from a grocery store jar (aka: not worth my time) So, I guess the happy ending of this story is that I only ate half. Nice way to turn what would have been a caloric/fat content splurge into something that I didn't feel particularly guilty about. Next time I'll rent a car and drive up to Rocky's.


  1. Never heard of Rocky's -- where is it? Lange's Little Store was always my family's go-to deli. Fantastic sandwiches. In fact, my final dinner as a single woman was a sandwich from Lange's, LOL! My mom brought sandwiches to our hotel the night before my wedding!

  2. Yum...Lange's was always great too..I especially loved their chicken salad and egg salad. That was also the place that first got me hooked on coffee. Wow, so many years ago. Light and sweet, light and sweet.
    Rocky's is on the millwood town line. Take out only- no tables. Tiny little place that makes the BEST chicken cutlet sandwiches among other things. We used to go there on lunch break in HS ALL the time...It's pretty famous among Greeley-ites.

  3. Rocky's Chicken Cutlet on a wedge, lettuce, tomato, mayo.
    Greatest sandwich in the world. I never got the bacon and cheese though.