Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cascabel Taqueria 1542 2nd ave Manhattan, NY

WOW! YES!!!! So fantastic! I had the vegetal tacos (with fingerling potatoes, oyster mushrooms, radishes etc), a grapefruit aqua fresca (SO GOOD!) and it certainly didn't hurt that the (very attractive and personal/friendly) owner said my chocolate caliente was on him. I drank my yummy hot chocolate on a frigid walk back home and it was so incredible that I almost turned around to get another one to bring to a chocolate loving friend. I didn't b/c I was running late, but will certainly bring said friend there soon to enjoy the creamy, rich, complex, spicy flavor. This is an AWESOME addition to a neighborhood that really needed a great taco place. I will definitely be going back sooner than later...There's a LOT on the menu that I want to try. Fresh, funky and fabulous. BRAVO.

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